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I’m very excited to announce a new interview series here at The Motherhood Project!  Each week, I’ll be sharing interviews with fellow working moms of all backgrounds, with their own stories, tips, and tricks to succeed at this project called motherhood while working.


Working mom life isn't easy! Check out these working mom interviews for busy mom tips, tricks, and stories. Via The Motherhood Project blog

According to a 2013 study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLC), roughly 70% of mothers are also working.  It’s a number that continues to grow every year, and that’s a huge increase compared to just 47% in 1975.  Still yet – I think we can all agree that there are a lot of challenges for working moms to overcome.  This includes everything from maternity leave, to a family-friendly working environment, flexible schedules, not to mention the balancing act of work | home | self.

It’s my hope that these working moms will give you inspiration and also show the “behind the curtain” reality of what working motherhood really is.  Stay tuned to social media for regular updates!  If you’ve not already subscribed, be sure to do that so you can get weekly notifications of new posts in the Working Mom Life Interview Series.


  1. Self-care, working from home, & weekend fun with Brittany
  2. Working an on-call job, crockpot meals, and the reality of being a new mom with Sarah
  3. Weight-loss, over-loaded schedules, and organization with Jessica
  4. Working third shift, pumping at work, PPD, and dealing with work stress with Denise

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