Ways to build a breast milk freezer stash

As a breastfeeding mom, maintaining supply and building your milk stash can cause a lot of anxiety.  I was fortunate to have a strong supply from the beginning but had some rough patches during our 13 month breastfeeding journey.  At the end of the day, I wish I would have stressed less about “feeding the freezer” and feeding the baby.  Here are some methods that worked for me and kept my supply going strong.


Pump between feedings

On the weekends or days off, try to add in an extra pump session or two.  Milk production is very driven by supply & demand, so a 15-20 minute pump session will tell your body that the baby needs more.  On weekdays, I would occasionally pump for a few minutes after little M’s bedtime, and when possible, I would pump in the car before or after work.  These sessions might have just been 5 to 10 minutes, but time is not the most critical thing.

Use a silicone breast pump

I didn’t find out about this incredible breast pump until about six weeks post-partum and wish I would have had it from the very first week!  It was recommended in a breastfeeding Facebook group I am part of and I ordered it immediately.  For a very affordable price, the pump simply “latches on” and collects milk on the opposite side while you’re nursing.  Just squeeze the pump and it suctions on and pulls the milk.  This won’t be ideal with an older baby who’s thrashing around an squirming everywhere, but it’s perfect for the first few months.  I would collect about 2 ounces each morning during the first feeding, which adds up over time!

Increase your supply

I can’t reinvent the wheel on this one!  The Kelly Mom website is a fantastic resource and has several great articles on this topic.  Here are a couple I would recommend for further reading: