How to Make Mornings Better by Outfit Planning

One of my secret sauce ingredients to better mornings and less decision fatigue is outfit planning. Sure, it’s nothing new, but consistently organizing your clothes (and your kids’) for the week is a total game-changer for your daily routine.

As part of my weekly reset on Saturdays or Sundays, I plan outfits (including shoes and accessories) for me and Little M.  The result?  Magic.


Plan your outfits for the week and reduce decision fatigue! Includes resources for closet organization, capsule wardrobes, and reinventing your closet. Get your clothes and your baby clothes organized! Via


How to plan your outfits for the week and make your mornings go smoother with a baby. Reduce decision fatigue by planning ahead. Via

This is Part 2 in my series about reducing decision fatigue in your day to day life.  Not sure what decision fatigue even means?  Check out Part 1 here: How to Plan Ahead & Reduce Decision Fatigue for Busy Working Moms

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Why should I plan my outfits?

The real question here: why shouldn’t you plan your outfits?  I don’t have a perfect laundry system during the week, and it creates a lot of unnecessary stress in the morning to try to pick out clothes to wear.  Why even put myself through that?  If I just take 15 minutes ONE TIME on the weekend to plan outfits, then I don’t stress about what to wear, or stare at my closet blankly in the mornings, or rush around trying to find that one item that I’ve got to have to make an outfit work!

Don’t feel like you’re stressed to pick your clothes in the morning?  Try planning your outfits in the week, and just watch what a difference it makes.  Pro tip: combine it with my other tips for reducing decision fatigue (coming soon) and you’ll have much better mornings.


How to plan your outfits:

This can be as simple or complex as you make it.  Personally, easy works for me, but there’s a lot of inspiration out there about organizing systems just for this.  My method is to hang my clothes together, maybe even looping sandals or belts over the hangers or lining up shoes by my closet.  For Little M, I keep space clear on her dresser and line up her clothes and shoes for the week like this:

Outfit planning to reduce your decision fatigue in the morning. Baby clothes laid out on dresser for the week.
I took this photo with a baby on my hip, so it’s not exactly pro-level! 🙂


Outfit Planning Resources:

1. Nursery Closet Dividers: If you’ve got baby clothes galore, try getting some tags or baby closet dividers to separate your different sizes.   There are lots of great free printables, and I especially like these nursery closet dividers from Lady & Laura Kate.
2. Organize your Kids’ Reach-In Closets:  Melissa at Polished Habitat did an awesome job reorganizing her daughters’ closet in a way that made sense for her with ZERO construction.  Check out how she did it here: Reach In Closet Organization for Kids

3. Thinking about a capsule wardrobe?  I’m on the verge!  Read Is A Capsule Wardrobe Right For You? from The Refinery.

4. Learn how to style & remix your wardrobe.  I get a LOT of inspiration from Audrey at Putting Me Together.  She has endless posts to help you reinvent your wardrobe without spending a dime.  She has a great closet organization post also!

I’ve been doing the very basics of outfit planning, but I’m feeling pretty inspired by some of these resources I’ve compiled.  The point is – whether you go simple or fancy, or somewhere in between, planning your outfits will make for a much better morning routine and leave you feeling way less stressed in the mornings.

Good luck!


9 thoughts on “How to Make Mornings Better by Outfit Planning

  1. I make piles for my son and sometimes he makes his own piles. He’s not too bad at matching up his clothes. My daughter has no trouble picking our her clothes. She just needs a lazy Susan so she wears different items instead of the same stuff.

  2. We’ve always set out clothes the night before, which simplifies my mornings with the littles so much easier, but I never thought of setting clothes out for the whole week! What a wonderful idea. Oh, and can I buy that whole capsule wardrobe, haha. I love the whole thing!

  3. I desperately want a capsule wardrobe! I just pull on whatever is closest and cleanest. I’m afraid I’ve gone basic SAHM uniform. But I will definitely use these tips when the toddler starts school.

    1. I understand completely! I’m stuck wearing all the non-maternity items that I wore during pregnancy haha. I am setting a goal to reorganize in the next few weeks in time for fall!

  4. I could not agree more with this!! My mother did this with me as a child and I will be passing it on with my baby girl! The closet dividers and keeping everything within kids reach are awesome suggestions!

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