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Make a summer bucket list with your baby

One evening it started pouring the rain, which sometimes I might not even pause and notice. I stopped cleaning the kitchen, scooped up Little M and we all went out to sit on the porch swing and just listen peacefully to the sound of the rain pouring off the roof. It was such a breath of fresh air (literally) from our regular evening routine, and she loved it. When the rain settled down, we went down the steps and splashed our feet in the little puddles on the sidewalk.  There was a time that I wouldn’t have thought twice about putting down the task in front of me, and enjoying something spontaneously in the moment.

These days, I struggle a lot with the need to make the most of every moment with Little M that I’m not working. As we approached her first summer, I knew that it was very possible that the summer could just fly by and we wouldn’t get anything accomplished that I imagined in my mind.


I decided to make a summer to do list of goals, and has it worked out great for us! We’ve been more intentional about planning our time, and also sneaking little activities into everyday moments.  Little M just turned one, and all of these activities are geared for a baby or infant.

Here are some easy summer activity ideas with baby:

  • Visit family
  • Go to a park & swing
  • Water play
  • Bubbles
  • Take a trip to the beach
  • See a fireworks show
  • Watch it rain on the porch
  • Get ice cream or Italian ice
  • Swim at a pool or lake

My husband and I had a chat one evening about the things we wanted to do and how to make them happen. For us, our summer vacation was a given, but we had to be deliberate for the others. I’ve decided to make the most of the little moments, and try to be more spontaneous. We stuck our list on the fridge and crossed off activities as we went along.

Tip: make your husband take pictures, no matter what you think you look like!

I’d love to hear what things you did this summer and what you have on your bucket list for next summer!