Keep your house clean and still enjoy your weekends

cleaning schedule graphic

I don’t know about you, but my weekends are coveted time spent with my family. When I went back to work after a 12 week maternity leave with Little M, I struggled to function, let alone keep my house in decent order. I knew I needed a way to get a handle on things so I could have some peace of mind. Enter chore list / cleaning schedule / cleaning chart…whatever you want to call it, you NEED one!

Before we had a cleaning schedule, our house looked like a tornado swept through. The constant toy clutter, dropped mail, dirty dishes, overflowing trash – every night I felt exhausted to tackle it and hated wasting my precious weekends to overcome my nemesis.


Download my free printable cleaning schedule:

There are chore lists galore on the interwebs, but it’s challenging to find one that you can really customize to fit your needs. That’s why today I’m offering a FREE printable weekly cleaning schedule! Click here to download: The Motherhood Project_Cleaning Schedule


Tips for making a cleaning schedule or plan that works for you:

  • Plan around work and activities. 

    The goal here is not to schedule a solid thirty minutes a day to cleaning, but rather, to customize a list in a way that will help YOU most.For instance, if you have a certain activity once a week on Tuesdays, you should do limited chores that night, just basic upkeep stuff. If Friday is date night, same thing.

  • Keep it manageable.

    Don’t try to cram all of your cleaning in one day. Short increments of time are easier to digest. Set a timer to stay motivated.

  • Enlist helpers.

    The beauty of a posted schedule is that all household members know what’s expected to keep the house in order. Whether that’s your spouse or kids, make sure you communicate what the standard is and plan chores together in a way that makes sense. Tall Dad and I had a lunch date where I whipped out my draft schedule and got his buy-in on my plan.

  • Post it somewhere visible.

    Don’t bury your schedule in a drawer somewhere, or a place where no one sees it. Try laminating on the fridge like a dry erase board, keeping with your family calendar, or framing in a visible location. Ours currently resides on the fridge so it stays top of mind.


How do you stay on top of cleaning your house? Share your tips in the comments!