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How to Plan Ahead & Reduce Decision Fatigue for Busy Working Moms

Our daily lives are made up of tons of decisions, ranging from small to large.  What outfit do I wear today?  Should I pack a lunch, or go through a drive-thru?  Water or soda?  What do I want for dinner?  Who is doing daycare pick-up / drop-off?  The endless choices are overwhelming, but planning ahead can eliminate this decision fatigue.

Planning tips for busy working moms to reduce decision fatigue, including meal planning, outfit planning, grocery shopping, clean schedules, bullet journals and more!

What is decision fatigue?

We spend our days drowning in endless decisions, all because we do not have an intentional plan ahead of time.  This is often referred to as ‘decision fatigue’, where your mental capacity dwindles as you make more decisions.  According to this NY Post article,  “the more choices you make throughout the day, the harder each one becomes for your brain, and eventually, it looks for shortcuts, usually in either of two very different ways”.

When we max out our brainpower, we react by doing nothing (collapsing on the couch every night), or acting spontaneously without thinking it through (ordering pizza for dinner last-minute).  Pretty sure they did this study in my living room about 4 months post-partum…

Plan ahead and reduce decision fatigue for busy working moms. Plan outfits, meal planning, cleaning schedules, and more.

Stop the mental drain

As a first-time mom, I had a moment where it hit me like a ton of bricks – “how am I going to do it all?”  Motherhood is such a busy and overwhelming season…most days with a newborn, I felt like I was just surviving. Little M is now 1, and I’m getting much better at treading water, but it’s not easy!

Over time, I’ve learned that lots of little time-savers and planning tidbits can help make a major impact.  That’s why today I’m starting a series to share with you several life organization tips to plan and give you more quality time with your family and for your own self-care.

From meal planning to routines and calendar scheduling, I’m bringing together some awesome resources to help give time back into your days and stop the mental drain of decision fatigue.  Each post will be featured as a #mondaymomhack, so check back next Monday!

Easy Planning Methods to Eliminate Decision Fatigue

  1. Outfit Planning
  2. Meal Planning: a round-up of effective quick recipes and meal planning resources
  3. Organize your time: calendars, lists, and planners
  4. Find time to clean your house