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20 Make-ahead breakfasts for busy working moms

Eating a balanced diet is tricky, especially when your time at home seems like a constant flurry of activity. I’ve found that I do best when I plan ahead, and when I make meals portioned out in advance. I also keep some quick go-to snacks, breakfast and lunch options in my desk.

I’ve rounded up a list of 20 breakfasts that you can make ahead for work – both cold and hot options! Some of these can be made in advance and frozen, others are great for grab & go.

  1. Breakfast burrito
  2. Overnight oats
  3. Grits
  4. Bagel & cream cheese
  5. Yogurt and fruit
  6. Egg cup
  7. Omelette
  8. Scrambled eggs & toast
  9. English muffin with peanut butter
  10. Fruit and granola bar
  11. Toast with jam/jelly
  12. Cereal
  13. Fruit smoothie
  14. Pancakes
  15. Breakfast quesadilla
  16. Waffles
  17. Toast with peanut butter and sliced banana
  18. Muffin
  19. Eggs and potato scramble with cheese
  20. Breakfast sandwich – English muffin, egg and cheese

If you’re looking for meal-prep containers, check these out!  We use them regularly and they are perfect portion sizes and perfect for busy moms (microwave and dishwasher safe).

I’d love to hear your favorite breakfast options when you’re on the go. Leave a comment below!

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    1. It’s so frustrating to not feel like you have enough time! I think I just collapsed into bed every night for several weeks straight when I returned to work. Thanks for stopping by!

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